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Friday 27 May 2016
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‘New Moon’ wolfpack parodies ‘Twilight’ fandom on Leno


‘New Moon’ wolfpack parodies ‘Twilight’ fandom on Leno

The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s wolfpack members (Chaske SpencerAlex MerazKiowa Gordon, and Bronson Pelletier) were none-too-shy about parodying a fandom that they’ve suddenly come to know very well. The troop of muscly werewolf actors stormed the Jay Leno show to promote the latest film release The Twilight Saga: New Moon and its upcoming DVD release.

Recently aired was their appearance for The Jay Leno Show where they worked with Mikey Day at TMZ to create an awful fan encounter (that hopefully doesn’t mimic reality too largely). In the video, all the stops are pulled to literally stop the mock fan, and even a taser is put into use (albeit unsuccessfully).

Spencer had an incredible time on set with Leno and enjoyed parodying the film where he plays Sam Uley, the leader of the Alpha wolfpack that will be more prevalent in later film adaptations of the Stephenie Meyers book series.

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