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Friday 27 May 2016
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New Moon Wolf Pack interview Chaske, Alex, Bronson, Kiowa


New Moon Wolf Pack interview Chaske, Alex, Bronson, Kiowa

Chuck the Movieguy interviews Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz,Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon A.K.A the Wolf Pack from New Moon the Twilight saga. They give some details about what they went through to get ready for their roles as the new werewolves in the latest Twilight fim.

The group gives some candid responses to Chuck’s questions, which go over the craze that has surrounded the cast since the beginning of the film’s announcement. The interview shows just how well the cast bonded together over their character’s interaction and how they worked with New Moon Chris Weitz to complete their roles.

Spencer also talks about training for the role while talking about how it was to start researching their roles and what it was like to hear back from fans when they were first announced as actors for the roles.

Chaske goes into some details about the training discipline that goes into working out for the role. They joke about the strict routine and competition that has helped them form incredible bodies necessary to fill the role for the wolfpack in New Moon.

Check out the interview here and see Chaske’s response when Chuck asks if he can be honorary wolfpack member:

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