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Sunday 29 May 2016
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New Moon [2009] – Introducing The Wolf Pack


New Moon [2009] – Introducing The Wolf Pack

As we prepare for the release of New Moon, this behind the scenes release shows what it’s like to be in the wolf pack on the set including interviews with Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chaske Spencer. This sneak peek mainly shows off how much fun it is to be a werewolf on the set and how the guys bonded over their roles as the La Push pack.

Chaske is excited for the upcoming release of New Moon as his role expands as Sam Uley. He’ll be able to show more of his character’s backstory and also be working with Kristen Stewart in a few different scenes. The craze for the Twilight movies has led to some incredible experiences for Chaske as well, but the best experience has still been working with the cast and crew on the amazing set of New Moon. He reveals some of the secrets of the wolf pack in his interview on this behind the scenes look.

We also get to see some of the footage from the new film and get some of the cast’s reactions to working around one another. Kristen also gives some details on what it was like working around the “werewolf pack” including that the entire set seemed to shift into a “frisky” atmosphere when it was time to shoot with the werewolves.

You can see all of the behind the scenes footage and hear the interviews from the cast in this exclusive sneak peek:

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