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Friday 27 May 2016
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“Lone Wolf” Chaske Spencer of the ‘Twilight’ Series


“Lone Wolf” Chaske Spencer of the ‘Twilight’ Series

Native American actor, Chaske Spencer sits down at the Hollywood.com studio (aka kitchen break-room) to discuss his role in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Chaske is great at not talking about anything too revealing, but he does let some things slip. He also gives us some details on his trip to Los Angeles and how it feels going to see the premiere.

In addition, the interview goes through what he’s working on now and what’s up next including how things are going with his acting career post ‘Twi-Hard’ hysteria. He will be starring in some amazing roles coming up and would like to work with the cast of Twilight again someday.

Although he doesn’t give too many details about the new film, he talks about his favorite moments with the cast and crew from Breaking Dawn including how it felt shooting with Taylor Lautner.  He also breaks his silence to give us some details on the wedding scene between Edward and Bella as well as what it was like shooting the last scene of the movie.

He also gives some details on how he was able to maintain his ripped body during the filming of the movie. Apparently the town where they stayed was overrun by actors from the films, and they go to work out together at the hotel when they weren’t filming.

You can see all of the interview and get more details about the Breaking Dawn premiere by checking out this video from Hollywood.com.

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